This holiday season JetBlack will be actively engaged in the community's  spirit of giving back. As the 2020 year comes to a close, awareness of the financial hardships of families alike have led to record numbers in homeless and families in need. It is our duty to help provide necessities for those in need and also to provide support for organizations who have been providing shelter, food, and clothing also. 



With millions of Americans in economic strife, families are piling into lines at food banks for food and water. JetBlack Empowerment is hosting food drives to raise money and supplies of food for families and individuals in need. Without proper nutrients, people become more prone targets to the current pandemic. Let our community come together in donations of canned foods and non-perishables to help. 



JetBlack extends it's hand out to the community as we prepare for our first annual JetBlack Coat Drive in Greensboro, North Carolina. With the weather temperatures dropping to the lows, having a warm coat could be the difference in life and death. 




With the holidays right here as 2020 comes to an end, JetBlack will have a pop-up shop in the Greensboro Four Seasons mall from December 19th-24th. Here you can meet the JetBlack team, see the JetBlack mission and receive a JetBlack T-Shirt for no cost, simply a donation. There will also be giveaways to families in need during the holidays and donations presented to individuals and organizations. Check out the JetBlack shop coming December 19th. 



A haircut and grooming has the power to uplift children and adults alike. Polishing your self image, taking pride in how you present yourself in public settings is key to suvivial. JetBlack is teaming up with barbershops in the Greensboro area to help assist kids with getting free haircuts. Giving our youth pride in their appearance to walk proud with their heads held high. 



School supplies are the most important necessity right now in our education system. With the Covid-19 pandemic hindering physical attendance, students who are less fortunate have had the hardest challenge. Curriculums now online based, those students are facing missing assignments, late turn-ins and absence from online instruction widening the already challenging gap of opportunity. JetBlack aims to help as many students succeed and be worry free about supplies, enabling more focus for success. 

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